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Student Health Resources

Does Your Child Have Healthcare? Healthy Kids Can Help!
  • Health care for children 18 and younger

  • Free or low-cost health care based on income

  • Coverage, even for children with a medical condition

  • Medical, dental and vision care; regular checkups; preventative care; prescription drugs; mental health and chemical dependency services; and medical equipment and supplies.

Your child can be a healthy kid! Make the call or apply online today for Oregon Healthy Kids!


Sacajawea Health Center

Sacajawea Health Center 

(503) 366-7645
1060 Eisenschmidt Lane
Saint Helens, OR 97053

What is Sacagawea Health Center? A doctor's office for students! Services are available for all students K-12 in Columbia County.
When school is in session 
Monday      9 AM - 4 PM
Tuesday     11 AM - 6 PM
Thursday    9 AM - 4 PM