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Health & Medication at School

Keeping our students healthy and safe at school is our priority. If your child may need special precautions due to an allergy, take medication at school, or access other health services, please help our school nurse and health room staff to provide the best care possible for your child. Information and forms are provided below for your reference, and to guide conversations with your child's healthcare providers.

Vaccination Rates

Our school is required to share the rates of student vaccination and exemption with families. For a detailed breakdown of immunization rates by building, please consult the immunization rates document. For county wide rates, look here.

Administering Medications at School

General Information

Forms Required for Taking Medication at School

(Use this form for medications to be taken every day)

(Use this form for medications to be taken only as needed, e.g. EpiPens, Inhalers, etc.)

(If the student will self-administer his/her own medication, this form must be completed, otherwise medication can only be administered in the office.)

(please complete with your child's healthcare provider)

Food, Nut, and Other Allergies

Allergy Action Plan (please complete with your child's healthcare provider)

Other Conditions

Please contact our District Nurse to discuss your child's individual care needs.